A summary of facts and figures defining the Bull Shoals Lake/Theodosia area.  

LOCATION  •  On the north bank of Bull Shoals, on U. S. Highway 160, 44 miles east of Branson, 55 miles west of West Plains, 15 miles west of Gainesville, and 35 miles north of Mountain Home, Arkansas.

POPULATION  •  255 folks in town as per the 2010 census.  The Theodosia zip code has approximately 700 households, most in rural settings.  The county of Ozark had 9356 inhabitants counted in that same census. 

CLIMATE  •  Four seasons with relatively short winters. The average year around temperature is 61 degrees, average annual rainfall is 43 inches, including about 5% of it as snowfall, and the average frost-free growing season is 200 days.

TOPOGRAPHY  •  Hilly, with elevations varying from the lake surface at 659 feet above mean sea level to ridge top peaks of 1000 to 1200 feet.

TRANSPORTATION  •  Mainly pick-ups, boats, and hiking boots.