New Company Name, Same Reliable Service

Jewel Pendergrass and Don Smiley

Jewel Pendergrass and Don Smiley

There’s a new company in the center of Theodosia’s business district. As of yesterday’s merger, Don Smiley has changed from being a real estate owner/broker of Sierra Ozark Corporation to a broker/manager of Century 21 LeMac Realty Ozarks in Theodosia, Missouri. The parent company, Century 21 LeMac Realty, owned and operated by Jewel Pendergrass, is headquartered in nearby Mountain Home, Arkansas, and has two office locations there. Don selected LeMac as his top choice to partner with. Together, these three offices cover both Arkansas and Missouri and together can cooperatively provide a wide range of property choices for interested buyers while giving their own listings maximum exposure to people from all over who want to locate in the Real Ozarks.

Slow Dance

The lead gobbler in our part of the woods has been putting on a grand show in the mornings, displaying for the hens. With his tail feathers fanned out, he opens and closes the iridescent feathers on his back, body and breast like a polka player's accordion. Below a bright red wattle, he extends one leg slowly, deliberately, then another. Pivoting in slow motion, his primary wing feathers dragging on the ground, he turns a full circle, giving the hens the opportunity to admire each of his shining feathers.

We admire them too, and feel privileged to see it.