Discover the opportunities available for hunting the numerous big and small game animals in this part of the Missouri/Arkansas Ozarks and lakes country. 

Big game here means deer and turkey, both of which are abundant.  The seasons are long and the limits are liberal.  There are spring and fall seasons for wild turkeys, with only gobblers being legal quarry in the spring.

Between the archery, muzzleloader, and firearms seasons, you can hunt deer here for at least 4 months continuously without leaving the county, beginning September 15 each year.

Small game hunters can stay real busy. There are probably as many squirrels per square mile here as you find anywhere in the world, plus we’ve got rabbits, quail, woodcock, etc., as well as varmints like coyotes and other furbearers.

Information on license fees, seasons, limits, and so forth is available here from many businesses, or you can contact the Missouri Department of Conservation, Jefferson City, MO.     

Arkansas is close by and offers very reasonably priced non-resident licenses, along with even longer seasons on some of the aforementioned critters.

There are more than 50,000 acres of publicly-owned land in Ozark County that are open to hunting. Also, you can buy some private woods for yourself in this area pretty cheap.  And, hey, be careful out there.