Go fishing!  Bull Shoals Lake offers good fishing every day of the year in the Theodosia area, although the catching is better on some days than others. 

There’s good fishing available every day of the year in this area, although the catching is better on some days than others.  While the streams have some seasonal limitations on certain species, the lakes do not.  

Rainbow and brown trout are usually associated with fishing the streams, but these salmomoids are also found in the lakes.  The streams also offer good populations of bass, especially smallmouths, plus goggle-eye, various pan fishes, suckers and various catfishes.

The lakes have good walleye populations, and these game fish can seasonally be caught in the streams.  The lakes also offer several species of bass, including stripers and hybrids, plus black and white crappie, blue cat, channel cat, flatheads, bluegill, sunfish, and various ugly critters like gar, drum, and carp.

Several state and national record catches have come from these waters, and some of those are yet to be challenged.

Licenses are available here, as well as bait, tackle, guides, boat rentals, river outfitters, and more free advice than you can imagine.