Not far from the lakes, but far enough, bigger parcels of land with more agrarian uses are found.



Working cattle ranch for sale in Thornfield, Ozark County, Missouri

This property adjoins the Mark Twain National Forest and is accessed by an Ozark County gravel road six-tenths of a mile from a paved road near Thornfield, Missouri. The owner normally runs 80 to 100 mother cows but states that the maximum capacity is definitely higher. Three-quarters of the land is in fenced pastures and unfenced hayfields, and the balance is wooded and contains many cedars, oaks, and walnut trees of sawlog size and quality. There are springs here, a creek, and 13 ponds. The average annual rainfall for this county is 44 inches.The owner’s home is high quality and custom built with a unique multi-level floorplan and has 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths.




Ozark County Farm adjoining Caney Mountain Conservation Area

This 360 acres of fields (some) and woods (mostly) adjoins the almost 8 thousand acre Caney Mountain Conservation Area, which is a long standing producer of wild turkeys, whereby the Missouri Department of Conservation maintains food plots and forested land specifically planned for high output of these big birds, which can then get caught with cannon nets and used to re-stock certain areas of the state, as well as for trading other states for their wild critters, including pheasants and striped bass. It really works.

If you own this place, one property line is a high fence between you and them. The big resident deer herd doesn't stay inside the fence.